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Newly Wed Couple

MARR Ministry

The Full Story

Marriage and Relationship Renaissance (MARR) is a PCC ministry designed to provide pre-engagement and pre-marital counseling to Christian couples. MARR is also designed to assist married Christian couples with relationship and marriage counseling to improve their relationship with each other and themselves.


MARR Ministry works to restore and rejuvenate married couples through couple counseling, group workshops, classes, and seminars using spiritual and natural applications. They believe marriage is Biblical and use a down to earth approach in their counseling. Working from PCC’s motto of “Empowered by God to Empower Others,” they seek to empower couples for Christian ministry and help to develop healthy relationships. Since each couple is different and has different needs, sessions are designed to cater to each individual couple.

Suffragan Bishop Wilford T. and Minister Jo Ann Hairston were called to counsel couples over 25 years ago. MARR Ministry began as people continuously came to them for relational and marital advice. Throughout the years, they have developed the MARR curriculum and continually educate themselves in this field.


For more information, contact them through our Get in Touch form or call them at (206) 725-7469.


Sfg. Bishop Wilford T.  & Min. Jo Ann Hairston

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